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Quality of life after gastric sleeve and gastric bypass for morbid obesity
Gil Filipe Ramada Fariaa,b,, , Jorge Manuel Nunes Santosa,c, Donald C. Simonsond
a Department of Surgery, Unidade de Investiga????o em Cirurgia Digestiva e Metab??lica, Centro Hospitalar do Porto, Hospital de Sto Ant??nio, Portugal
b Center for Health Technology and Services Research (CINTESIS), Instituto de Ci??ncias Biom??dicas de Abel Salazar, Portugal
c Instituto de Ci??ncias Biom??dicas de Abel Salazar, Portugal
d Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Hypertension, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, United States
Recebido 21 Setembro 2016, Aceitaram 21 Dezembro 2016

Obesity is associated with reduced quality-of-life (QoL), which generally improves after bariatric surgery. The differential effect of each type of surgery (gastric sleeve [SG] and gastric bypass [RYGB]) on QoL is not yet fully understood.


To understand which of these surgeries offers greatest improvement in QoL and patient satisfaction.


Systematic literature search on Pubmed in July 2014. Relevant articles were selected in a step-wise approach. The 2482 titles were scanned for relevance and 191 were selected for abstract reviewing; and 88 papers were selected for full text analysis.


Only 5 papers compared the 2 techniques and only 17 more had retrievable data either on SG or RYGB. The reports were very heterogeneous, preventing a direct comparison of patient reported outcomes (PRO) among studies.

Improved results have been reported as early has 3 months and SF-36 scores were improved in all domains in medium to long-term. The question remains whether the improvement in QoL is related to the weight loss and which factors are associated with improved patients’ perceptions.


There is wide heterogeneity in the reporting of PRO measures after bariatric surgery, but data is consistent with a significant improvement after both surgeries.

Larger and better-designed studies are required to understand if there are significant differences in the quality of life after SG or RYGB.

Bariatric surgery, Metabolic surgery, Obesity surgery, Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, Sleeve gastrectomy, Quality-of-life

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