The effect of prenatal Vitamin C deficiency on endochondral ossification in guinea pigs
N. Rakočević
Medical Faculty, University of Novi Sad, Serbia

Aim: The aim of the research is to investigate the effect of prenatal vitamin C deficiency on endochondral ossification in guinea pigs.

Introduction: Vitamin C is an essential nutrient which inter alia enables the synthesis of collagen and therefore endochondral ossification. Throughout years a lot of research has been published investigating the exact role of vitamin C and the impairment developed due to its deficiency. However there is insufficient data about the effect of prenatal deficit of vitamin C on the developing bone structures.

Methods: The study encompassed 14 fertilized female albino guinea pigs. Their diet was comprised of vitamin C-free food and ad libitum water enriched with vitamin C. The 10th day of fertilization, experimental group was depleted of vitamin C. Deprivation lasted until the 50th day, after which the females were sacrificed and their fetuses were taken out. Forelegs of fetuses were fixed and dehydrated, after which they were embedded in paraffin and longitudinal sections were made. The stain used for histology was Alcian&Alizarin.

Results: The development of long bones in vitamin C deficient guinea pigs are considerably stagnant. Hyaline cartilage models are significantly shortened. Ossification in the diaphyses of carpal and metacarpal bones are absent, and the organization of the epiphyseal plates is very irregular with the reduction of number of chondrocytes. Moreover, there are numerous haemorrhagic regions and subperichondrial bleeding with separation of perichondrium.

Conclusion: Deprivation of vitamin C during inrauterine period disables normal development of long bones. Disorder of hyaline cartilage models was seen, as well as the disorder of ossification.

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