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Regulation of transcription factor MEF2C by RNA binding protein HuR
Z. Anyu1, G. Shi1, A. Xie1, D. Aksoy2,, , S. Dudley1
1 Cardiovascular Research Center, The Warren Albert Medical School of Brown University, Providence Rhode Island, United States
2 Marmara University School of Medicine, Istanbul, Turkey

Aim: We hypothesized that HuR RNA binding protein regulates MEF2C expression through association with MEF2C mRNA.

Introduction: MEF2C is earliest expressed member of the MADS-box super family during heart development. In the postnatal heart, decreased expression of MEF2C has been associated with myotonic dystrophy type 1 (DM1) heart disease. Hu proteins are known to regulate a wide range of gene expression by modulating mRNA's half-lives.

Methods: We use Human Fetal Cardiomyocyte cell line RL14. Cells are transfected with Superfect Transfection Reagent(Qiagen). And RNA Isolation performed by using RNeasy Plus Mini Kit. Real Time quantitative PCR (q-PCR) analysis performed using Fast SYBR Green Master Mix.

Results: Over expression of HuR in cardiomyocytes derived from primary human fetal ventricle increased MEF2C mRNA 47.3% (p=0.01). Knocking down of HuR by siRNA decreased MEF2C mRNA by 62% (p=0.01). RNA Immunoprecipitation showed HuR associated with MEF2C mRNA.

Conclusion: Our results suggest that RNA binding protein HuR associates with MEF2C mRNA in cardiomyocytes. And also HuR positively regulates MEF2C mRNA expression.

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